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The world of VR

The world of virtual reality (VR) is beginning to cover almost all spheres of our life: from fitness to real estate sales. The trend is that in 2017-2018, this technology can dramatically change people's life.Business Matters published a list of the most influenced by virtual reality (VR) industries:  
  • VR fitness
  • VR gaming console
  • VR mobile games
  • VR universities
  • VR real estate
  • VR meeting
  In technological circles, VR is often called a trend. But, unlike other fleeting fantasies, it would likely enter our lives and remain in it for a long time. Technology capabilities are still not even understood. As soon as people realize how widely they can use VR, there would be no going back. There is a small test stage in many business sectors, but virtual reality is definitely already here.